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I’m very pleased to say that Tania Sketchley and Wilma Mee are going to take over the producing of the Newsletter (contact details are on the back page).
Thank you so much Ladies for taking this on! As it is my last Edition I am producing I would like to just say a couple of thank you’ s.
First off is to Richard Collett and his team of distributors - a thankless task in the middle of winter!
Michael Woodhead for printing off and making sure I haven’t made too many mistakes!
Thank you all.
It remains for me to wish all the very best to Tania & Wilma and wish you and your Families a very Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

The newsletter is an important part of village life and keeps everyone informed of Events, Church Services, Charity Work and Sponsorship.

So if you wish for anything to be included in the next edition then please contact either Tania or Wilma before the 26th of the month at:-

Tania Sketchley -

Wilma Mee - 01889 591095

Would you like a Digital Version of this Newsletter?

If you do then please drop Tania an email and I can put you on the distribution listing.

Tania & Wilma - Editor’s